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Soft Story Retrofit

Soft story retrofitting is a mandatory program aimed at improving the structural integrity of buildings with vulnerable first floors that lack adequate support, making them susceptible to damage or collapse during earthquakes. Calretrofit is a leading provider of…
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Mandatory Retrofit Program

What is this program about?

The purpose of this program is to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life that may result from the effects of earthquakes on wood frame soft-story buildings. In the Northridge Earthquake, many wood frame soft-story buildings caused loss of life, injury, and property damage. This program creates a guide for property owners to strengthen their buildings to improve performance during an earthquake.

Why is my building affected?

LADBS has determined that your building meets all the following criteria:
  • Two or more stories, wood frame construction
  • Built under building code standards enacted before January 1, 1978
  • Contains ground floor parking or other similar open floor space that causes soft, weak, or open wall lines
  • Property Owner’s

  • Lower Earthquake Insurance Premiums
  • Minimize Liability Losses
  • Save on Interest
  • Attract Tenants
  • In the End, it’s all about ROI:

    According to Caltech’s survey, the benefit-to-cost ratio of a soft story retrofit could be as much as 7:1 and since there’s a 99% probability of a big quake happening in the next 10 years, you should really get your soft stories retrofitted NOW.

    Property Owner’s

    What do I need to do first?

    The property owner must hire an engineer or architect licensed in the state of California to evaluate the strength of the building. The engineer or architect must then develop plans for the building’s seismic strengthening in compliance with this program. The owner must notify tenants in writing per HCIDLA regulations.

    Full Service. Full Satisfaction

    CalRetrofit is General Engineering Contractor, certified by the California Earthguake Associa- tion, providing building owners and property managers, cost-effective solutions to comply with the Mandatory Soft-Story Retrofit Program as outlined in City Ordinances 183893, and experts in waterproofing, SB-721 & SB-326 balcony and deck inspections and repairs. We manage all LABS approval documents, engineering inspections, city & deputy inspection sign-offs including daily project updates and photos on our CRM Platform which is also avail- able through a mobile app. We understand the value of vour property and tenants. Our construction crews and foremen are onsite to perform the scope of work. With over 25 years of experience, our team of experts in the fields of structural engineering. construction and project management. offer a unique professional perspective that streamlines every step of the retrofit process. We are highly recommended by our clients, we deliver results, on time and on budget.
    Our Services

    From engineering to execution

    As your Single Point of Contact, we manage the entire process from receipt of your ‘order to comply’ all the way to your final inspection and compliance certification.

    Already Have Plans?

    If you’ve already obtained your structural engineering plans; send them over for a FREE comprehensive construction bid and/or possible design minimization.

    Don’t Delay! Costs Increase When Demand Escalates

    Right now, over 25,000 buildings are in need of retrofitting increasing demand for vendors, skilled workers, and materials. Owners who delay face an ever-increasing backlog of projects and you may have difficulty meeting compliance deadlines.

    Retrofit Financing Made Easy

    We now offer smarter, faster, tax driven financing provided as a solution for property owners to comply with mandated seismic retrofit building requirements.

    FEMA Soft Story Grants Are Now Available!

    The City has received a grant from FEMA and Cal OES to assist eligible properties with the financial cost of retrofitting your building to comply with the City’s mandatory seismic retrofit ordinances. Any owners interested in having a significant portion of seismic retrofit costs reimbursed through this FEMA grant should apply.

    West Hollywood

    There are two grants available:
    DESIGN GRANTS up to $5,000 to assist with your retrofit design. CONSTRUCTION GRANTS for up to $20,000 to assist with retrofit construction.

    Santa Monica

    There are two (2) types of grants available:
    DESIGN GRANTS up to $5,000 to assist with your retrofit design. CONSTRUCTION GRANTS for up to $17,000 to assist with retrofit construction.

    If you would like to apply for either of these FEMA soft story grants, we can assist you by filling out and submitting the necessary paperwork and overseeing the process which can take up to 3 months. This is an added value of over $1,000!

    Retrofit, Then Add More Units To Your Property!

    As of January 1, 2020, multifamily zoned properties, can add Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”) to the property, which can substantially increase our annual rental income by adding more units and max-densifving our property. We can now integrate seismic retrofit reinforcement with the creation and buildout of additional units at less than 50% of the cost of purchasing comparable residential dwelling units.

    As we combine exterior structural reinforcement and interior design-build services for dwelling spaces, we manage this process in association with our partner ADU Concepts, a full-service design-build engineering and construction partner to provide complete, concept-to-completion services all the way to receiving your keys.

    CalRetrofit & ADU Concepts

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