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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

Design-Build Your Single Or
Multi-Family ADU

Introducing ADU Concepts

A Full Service Design-Build Single & Multi Family ADU Contractor

Max Densify Your Property. Convert Underutilized Areas. Add Units, Income & Value

With more than 30 years of experience in building construction, our Accessory Dwelling Units partner ADU Concepts provides property owners with innovative specially designed ADUs in Los Angeles, California.

At ADU Concepts, our core competency is our ability to re-densify your property to its maximum potential. We provide land use research services with a complete development probability analysis including construction costs forecast and financial model feasibility analysis, CAD design, architectural drafting, structural engineering, permit expediting and complete construction services of the entire proposed project.

Our team of professionals has performed foundation and structural construction for more than 500 LA properties. Through our specialization, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of designing, permitting, and building ADUs in the City of Los Angeles.
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Why Choose ADU CONCEPTS For Your Project?

Density Evaluation

Our knowledgeable team will evaluate your property layout and interior spaces to determine how to best implement your ADU.

Architectural Design

Choose one of our customizable pre-panelized lytemods, or our in-house architects and engineers will design, draft, and create a custom layout to maximize your rental income potential and construction feasibility.

Energy Efficiency Design

Our engineers prepare Low Impact Development (LID) sustainability calculations for a water collection.

Title 24 Certification

Title 24 calculations related to HVAC, windows, insulation, water heating and energy efficiency plan

Structural Engineering

Our engineering department provides structural engineering calculations and specifications as required by regulatory authorities.

Permitting Services

Our permit expediting team efficiently submits your plans to the appropriate municipalities to obtain final approval by the Building and Safety Department.

Trusted Contractors

After your permits have been issued, our expert crew will schedule and perform the construction on-site. We oversee the entire construction process with a focus on quality, on time and on budget completion.


We work with a select few preferred lenders that offer excellent commercial financing options for the construction of Multi-Family ADUs.

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Hybrid Modular Light Gauge Steel Designs


Micro mods are the most affordable units and have been thoughtfully designed to provide a solution for property owners with limited backyard space. They pack the most value within the smallest footprint! Click below to custom design your Micro Mod.

Single Family

ADU Concepts offers 7 unique hybrid-modular dwelling ADs, intelligently designed to fit the majority of Single Family backyard configurations. They are designed with comfort and ease of maintenance in mind, and built to stand the test of time.

Multi Family

Inspiring solutions for small to large-scale multi-family developments & commercial interior/community space conversions. No matter the size of your backyard, we offer a customizable model to suit your configuration, lifestyle, and taste!

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