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Carlos Escudero

Meet Carlos Escudero
Transforming Buildings for a Safer Future

Carlos Escudero is a highly accomplished and seasoned professional with a remarkable 10-year career in the field of retrofits and construction consulting. As a Commercial Retrofit Consultant at Cal Retrofit, he has demonstrated his expertise and passion for transforming buildings, enhancing their structural integrity, and maximizing their functionality and safety.

Throughout his career, Carlos has been at the forefront of numerous complex retrofit projects, each presenting unique challenges. His extensive knowledge of seismic retrofitting, building envelope improvements, and energy efficiency enhancements has enabled him to provide invaluable insights to clients seeking to strengthen their commercial structures against potential seismic events.

Carlos possesses an exceptional understanding of balcony repairs, recognizing the importance of restoring these crucial architectural elements for both safety and aesthetic purposes. His meticulous approach to assessing the structural issues and implementing appropriate repair measures has garnered him a reputation as a reliable consultant in the industry.

Carlos has actively advocated for the implementation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as a sustainable solution to housing shortages. His expertise in ADU design and retrofitting existing spaces to create additional living units has helped clients maximize their property’s potential and generate additional income streams.

As a natural leader, Carlos has successfully managed diverse teams of architects, engineers, and construction professionals. He fosters a collaborative environment that encourages innovative thinking, effective communication, and seamless execution of projects. His ability to identify the strengths of team members and leverage their expertise has consistently resulted in delivering successful retrofit solutions.

Throughout his career, Carlos has received accolades for his outstanding contributions to the retrofitting industry. His commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has earned him recognition from both peers and clients alike.

Looking ahead, Carlos remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge retrofit technologies and sustainable building practices. He envisions a future where every building is resilient, energy-efficient, and adaptable to the evolving needs of its occupants.

Carlos Escudero
Commercial Retrofit Consultant
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