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David Migdal

Meet David Migdal, Your Trusted Expert in
HOAs & SB326 Balcony Inspections

David Migdal, an experienced professional at Cal Retrofit, is the go-to expert for navigating the complexities of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and complying with the SB326 Balcony Inspection Law. With over a decade of industry experience, David has presented over 100 projects to HOA boards with remarkable clarity and precision, earning him widespread acclaim.

David’s expertise lies in ensuring efficient and effective HOA board meetings, where reaching a consensus can be challenging. He understands the unique needs and concerns of HOA boards, fostering seamless communication and decision-making. Through his exceptional presentations, he covers all agenda items comprehensively, leaving the board with minimal questions.

Clients and boards appreciate David’s responsiveness and commitment to meeting their needs and schedules. He skillfully accommodates complex calendars and schedules inspections without wasting any time. His dedication has earned him over 80 letters of reference from satisfied clients, testifying to his ability to deliver exceptional results.

One of David’s key strengths is his executive summaries, which clearly outline inspection highlights in layman’s language. Even with complex structural issues, David ensures the board understands the significance of each decision, creating a sense of comfort and confidence among members.

David’s thoughtful approach extends beyond board meetings, as he accommodates homeowners’ commitments and facilitates smooth communication. By aligning with dynamic requirements, he ensures a harmonious and efficient process for all stakeholders involved.

Cal Retrofit, driven by a customer-centric philosophy, partners with clients to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction. With David at the helm, the company sets a high standard for excellence in the industry.

If you’re facing the challenges of HOAs and SB326 Balcony Inspections, trust David Migdal at Cal Retrofit. His expertise, dedication, and exceptional approach will guide you through the process, saving time, money, and resources while achieving outstanding results. With David on your side, navigating HOA management and inspections becomes a seamless journey to success.

David Migdal
Operations Director, Balcony Safety
[email protected]