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Safeguard Your Building with SB-326 Inspections: Ensure Compliance and Protect Lives!

Are you an HOA board member or a condominium owner in California? Don’t overlook the importance of SB-326 inspections for your building. Waiting too long could lead to escalating issues and financial burdens. At Cal Retrofit, we specialize in professional SB-326 inspections, ensuring compliance and providing peace of mind.

Ensure the Safety of Your Building:
California’s SB-326 law covers all exterior elements elevated more than 6 feet above ground level designed for human activity. Our SB-326 inspections comprehensively evaluate:

  • decks
  •  balconies
  • stairs
  • landings
  • elevated walkways
  • and entries

If you’re unsure about the specific elements covered, contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Don’t Delay Compliance:
The initial SB-326 inspection deadline is approaching on January 1st, 2025, with subsequent inspections every nine years. By scheduling your inspection well in advance, you can beat the rush and avoid potential increases in construction costs. Whether it’s next week or next month, secure your appointment now and ensure your building’s safety and compliance.

Responsibility and Consequences:
Following the SB-326 inspection, the completed report is submitted to the Homeowners Association board, property management company, and local code enforcement agency if necessary. Any identified issues requiring repairs must be coordinated and completed by the HOA Board of Directors within the specified timelines. Failure to comply can result in the local building departments recovering costs associated with life and safety violations.

Thorough Inspection Process:
Our SB-326 inspections start with a free consultation and estimate. As a bonus, we offer a complimentary inspection and report on the foundation structure upon request. Using a combination of visual inspection, endoscopic imagery, moisture sensors, and infrared imagery, our experienced team ensures a comprehensive evaluation. We strive for 95% statistical confidence by evaluating a significant sample of randomly selected elevated elements, often inspecting 100% of such elements in smaller communities.

Detailed and Interactive Reports:
Within two weeks of the inspection, we deliver an interactive, easy-to-understand report. Our reports don’t just highlight problems but also identify areas that meet the required standards and recommend maintenance to prevent issues from worsening. If repairs are necessary, we provide precise locations, recommended timelines, and information on building permits. We help you identify the sources of water intrusion to prevent recurring problems, especially with the increasing winter weather conditions.

Trust in Our Expertise:
With over 25 years of experience, our team of licensed engineers and architects understands the requirements and standards set by SB-326. We have successfully worked with numerous large HOAs and Property Management Companies in LA County. From professionalism to addressing administrative needs, we are well-prepared to meet your expectations. Count on our non-invasive technology, interactive reports, affordability, and reliability to ensure the safety of your building and its residents.

Book Your SB-326 Inspection Now:
Don’t postpone your building’s safety and compliance. Act now to protect your investment and the well-being of your community.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and schedule your SB-326 inspection!

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