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Tal Karasso

Tal Karasso is a visionary leader and one of the driving forces behind Tesh Inc. and its innovative subsidiaries: CalRetrofit, US Home Pros, ADU Concepts, Green Source Energy & Lytemods. From the outset, Tal’s mission has been nothing short of inspiring – to uplift families in need and engineer win-win solutions while safeguarding our planet’s precious ecosystem.

Tal’s journey is guided by the belief that ADUs can be the catalyst for change, providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions. His unwavering commitment to innovation and eco-friendly practices has led to the adoption of cutting-edge construction methodologies and technologies like light gauge steel, gray water systems, solar power, and biogas in ADU designs, setting new standards for sustainable living.

Under Tal and his partners astute leadership, Tesh Inc. and its subsidiaries have undergone an awe-inspiring transformation, growing from a team of 15 to over 100 employees. This dynamic growth has led to the fortification of over 800 buildings, and the completion of over 100 Single Family & Multi-Family ADU projects in Southern California, marking a significant step towards creating a resilient and greener urban landscape and providing much needed housing for Angelenos.

But Tal’s dedication extends far beyond the obvious. He has been the guiding force behind multiple ADU community projects like the Back Home Initiative (BHI)- that empower homeowners to tap into passive income streams and achieve newfound financial freedom, while providing homes for families in our communities who are most in need.

With a lifetime of technical and artistic expertise spanning various fields, including business development and traditional and digital media, Tal is a master at synchronizing teams and fostering progress. His approach to resolving challenges is rooted in creativity and harmonious strategies, setting him apart as an exceptional leader in the industry. His journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that with passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to serving others, we can create a world where families prosper and the environment thrives.

Tal Karasso
Co-Founder, CEO
[email protected]